Watch the video from our recent Family Focus Forum where we talked about

How in-home support can help you and your family, including:

  • How does short-term accommodation provide you with the respite you need?
  • Do I need Supported Independent Living (SIL)?
  • Do I need Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?
  • How do I get Speciast Disability Accomodmation in my plan?
  • How do I locate Speciast Disability Accomodmation?
  • What is the Housing Hub and how do I use it?

Click here to watch the video from the last Family Focus Forum on preparing for your NDIS review

Our attendees have found these sessions informative and interesting. Here’s some feedback from our anonymous post-event survey:

“Presenters were most professional and unbiased,” 

Special Disability Trusts forum attendee

“Excellent grounding and basic information clearly presented”

NDIS Pre-planning forum attendee

“Reassurance and clarification, many thanks for the info and arranging this event”

Guardianship and Administration forum attendee

“Opportunities to network with other stakeholders,” 

Holiday Planning forum attendee

“Opening our eyes to what’s out there,” Special Disability Trusts forum attendee

Support in the Home forum attendees

“An excellent presentation and information, Thank you for the contact and reassurance”