Fit and active at OC Connections

Hannah, Disability Educator at OC Connections (OCC) runs the Fit and Active Group on Monday mornings.

The Fit and Active group aims to encourage participation in physical activity to develop skills, improve fitness and mobility and maintain health.

Recently, the group acquired a brand new table tennis table using fund raising money donated to the OC Achieve Fund during the winter appeal. Hannah submitted an application for the funds and met with the OCC Participant Committee to seek their approval. Approval was granted with enthusiasm and the table was purchased.

Complete with bats and balls the newly installed table tennis table has been a huge hit and a big talking point at OCC.

“On days where the weather isn’t great, the amount of activity the participants can do outside is limited. We had the idea of a table tennis table because it is portable, convenient and a load of fun for participants with different abilities.

All participants have thoroughly enjoyed the table especially Damien, Ben, Georgie and Sam. Participants from other programs have voiced how exciting it is to have a table tennis table on the premises and how they are looking forward to having a go. Watch out for Damien, he’s a superstar!”

Hannah, Disability Educator, OC Connections

The OC Achieve fund has previously funded the purchase of other useful items such as equipment for the OCC basketball program and facilitating public exhibitions for the OCC Art Program.

More information about the OC Achieve Fund can be found here.

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