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Family Focus Forum – Special Disability Trusts

On Tuesday 20 February, OC Connections hosted the first in a series of forums for families that feature specialist speakers presenting on topics that families want to hear about.

For this first forum, Moores Lawyers were invited to speak about Special Disability Trusts and Protective Trusts. Moores’ presenters, Jennifer Jackson and Krista Fitzgerald discussed which trust is best for each family’s situation and how they should set it up, ensuring that families provide the right sort of protection for their beneficiaries.

Moores explained clearly and effectively how special disability trusts provide financial assistance for the needs of a person with a disability whilst minimising any impact on their entitlements. Special disability trust may not suit everybody’s circumstances and Moores also talked about alternative forms of trusts such as protective and other testamentary trusts that can be included in Wills. If you would like to contact Moores directly, please visit

The forum was a great success measured by the positive feedback on the night and a large number of questions asked by families. The topic was really relevant for those present and people reported that they enjoyed the opportunity to hear about this specialised topic.

Please join us for the next Family Focus Forum which features Illowra Projects providing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) advice including; participant pathway to SDA funding, community living options for SDA funded participants, SDA ownership options and more.

Click here to secure your free seats (limited numbers).

or Call (03) 9569 0603 or email
Registrations close Tuesday 13 March 2018.

Click here to secure your free seats (limited numbers)
or Call (03) 9569 0603 or email

Registrations close Tuesday 13 March 2018.

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