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Our Family Focus Forums aim to provide topical industry information from experts and first-hand insights from participants and their families.

Our most recent forum focussed on employment and we were lucky to have Rishi and Maria from OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE) presenting their personal insights into how work has changed their lives.

Our employment and learning pathways options are designed to deliver outcomes such as: increased independence; build capacity and skills; increased social and community participation; build confidence; support learning and growth.  Rishi and Maria are both testament to these outcomes.

Rishi has worked for OCCE for five years, working his way from process worker to leading a team for car washing and, more recently, a packing contract. He explained that the work he has undertaken over the years has helped him develop the skills needed to become a team leader.

Maria started working in reception at OCCE in 2017 and was already being trained in basic skills such as filing, answering the phone, scanning and photocopying. She then took advantage of a work experience opportunity at the City of Kingston where she gained confidence and further developed her skills, returning to OCCE where she now conducts tours of the factory for prospective employees and their families – a huge personal achievement.  She has also expressed an interest in doing another round of work experience, as she really enjoyed the process.

Maria explained that through her work she has not only grown in confidence but made new friends, learnt new skills and saved money.

OCCE Learning and Assessment Manager, Athena Kontonis worked through the options available for participants at OCC to work towards their employment goals.

OCC offers a variety of pathways, including:

  1. Formal training in transition to work
  2. Transport planning and travel training to access employment opportunities
  3. Work experience and work trials
  4. Employment with OC Connections in administration, car washing and packing services

If you would like to know more about our employment pathways, visit My Work page and download the Employment Pathways brochure.

If you would like a say in what our 2019 Family Forums will focus on, please complete the survey here.


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