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SASI Art Show

The opening night of the SASI Art Show was a heartwarming, resounding success. Staff from across OC Connections came to support our participants in exhibiting their beautiful works of art to the community, including OC’s CEO Therese Desmond. I can only urge you to take a drive to Cube 37 in Frankston and see the wonderful art on display. The show runs from [the] opening until 22 November and it’s well worth a trip. Therese Desmond, CEO Tweet Several participants’ pieces sold early on in the night, including Peter’s stunning artwork. Peter has a strong eye for colour and utilises

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Participating in Advocacy with a Disability

How do I engage in advocacy with a disability? People with disabilities make up for 15% of the world’s population. We are a diverse community, no one person is the same. People with disabilities are passionate about many things, like making the world better for people living with disabilities.   But that’s not all we care about. We are interested in nature, community, belonging. We are curious about people outside of our community and we want to make people feel happy and safe. We want to be a part of positive change because we care about others. Working with others

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Adaptive Teaching Methods in Day Support

Over the last few months, Day Support leaders and support staff have been trialling and testing new, innovative ways of teaching our Literacy and Numeracy programs. Due to varying communication and information processing needs, our education programs must be regularly adapted to suit the learning styles of many different participants. SUpporting diverse learning Our creative Day Support team work using a Co-Achieve model. This means the voices of our participants are heard and valued, and strategies to reach their personal goals are made in collaboration with them. It’s about choice and independence and it helps our staff to understand a

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Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

The Final Report of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability has been released. The research findings, collected through thousands of interviews, submissions and panels, provide a detailed understanding of Australia’s current disability landscape. It describes the prevalence of ableism in our society, within our education system, labour market, and housing. Many Australians voiced their vision for a more inclusive society, including: – To live, learn, work, play, create and engage in inclusive communities – To have disability be treated as a natural part of human diversity – To be empowered to have choices

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