Design Thinking

OC Connections use a successful and innovative approach called Design Thinking to build and improve the services we offer and the way in which we offer them to participants. Design Thinking is a creative and person-centred method used to solve complex problems.

OC Connections focuses on empowerment, self-determination, person-centeredness, and strengths-based practice. Design thinking encourages a deeper empathy and connection with the people we support and ensures our service delivery models are aligned with our participant’s aspirations.

In essence, the Design Thinking process is flexible and focused on collaboration between participants and support workers, employers or carers, with an emphasis on bringing ideas to life based on how the individual thinks, feels and behaves.

Why Design Thinking?

Design thinking transforms the way we develop communication, behavioural and active support strategies for the ultimate benefit of each individual participant in their quest to achieve life-long goals. By using design thinking, we make evidence-based decisions about what people really want in the future instead of relying only on historical data or instinct. It also enables people to use a creative approach to address a vast range of issues.

Design thinking tackles complex problems by:

  • Inspiring new thinking by discovering and understanding what people really see as their needs.
  • Re-framing and defining the situation in a participant-focused way to push past obvious solutions and establish breakthrough ideas
  • Adopting a hands-on and collaborative approach to testing ideas in order to achieve the desired outcome.

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