Cultivating a network of support

Thanks to the generosity of the Clayton Church of Christ Love Loud initiative, one of OC Connections’ community living houses received a makeover in October.

Shwetha, Clayton Church of Christ, and Cameron and Akshay, from the Leo Club of Knox, spent the day removing an old and weathered water feature and replacing it with a garden bed of flowers, replanting along the driveway and constructing a vegetable garden at the back of the house.  Resident Fred, who watched over the project, was very impressed.

The Love Loud initiative was started by the church in 2017 to give back to the community.  They have completed 27 projects, using 250 volunteers and have achieved 950 hours of community work since the initiative began.  Organiser, Bill Pontikis, hopes to make the initiative even more meaningful by building strong relationships with various organisations within the community.

OC Connections is grateful for the time and effort taken to assist in updating the outside areas for our residents and is proud to be associated with such an initiative that brings the community together.


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