NDIS ready in Victoria

Connecting to the NDIS

It has only been four months since the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) began its official national roll out, but already signs are encouraging that participants are happy with it.

With $2.4 billion committed to the scheme, which will support almost 36,000 Australians with a disability, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) reports that satisfaction surveys carried out among those already a part of the NDIS indicate that 95 per cent rate their experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

In an article for the Sydney Morning Herald in October, Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Alastair McEwin, said it was important to view the NDIS as enabling people with a disability to be a part of the economic, social and cultural fabric of everyday life.

“It isn’t just making life equitable for people with disability. It’s also making it possible for them to participate in every-day life with their families,” said Mr McEwin.

Mr McEwin called on Australians to be patient with the NDIS and its implementation.
“The NDIS is a major social reform. The last time we saw something on a similar scale was the introduction of universal health care for all Australians in 1975 – Medicare.

“The introduction of Medicare was not without its challenges, but universal healthcare is now considered a fundamental and essential part of our lives.”

When will the NDIS come to my area?

The NDIS is being progressively rolled out across Victoria. It is now available in the Barwon and metropolitan Melbourne north-eastern regions. It will be available in Melbourne’s outer-eastern region, including the City of Monash (of which OC Connections is a part) from November 2017.

OC Connections is pleased to announce it is a registered NDIS provider.ndis-provider

This means that when the scheme rolls out in Melbourne’s outer eastern region in November 2017, we will be eligible to provide supports or products to NDIS participants. We are also eligible to provide services across all metropolitan regions.

For current OC families requiring information about ways in which we can support you in transitioning to the scheme, or if you are new to OC Connections, and need additional advice or direction, please contact us on (03) 9569 0603.

Older people and the NDIS

At OC Connections, we have received a number of queries from participants and families as to whether or not people aged 65 years and over are eligible for the NDIS.
The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) determines who is eligible for NDIS and as such states that to be an NDIS participant, you must be under 65 years when entering the scheme.

However, governments have agreed that people should not be disadvantaged by the transition to NDIS and have introduced Continuity of Support (CoS) for people with a disability who are aged over 65.

Continuity of support means that people who do not meet NDIS access requirements, but were accessing a disability service before being assessed by the NDIA, will continue to receive supports that achieve similar outcomes to those they currently receive. They do not need to do anything at this stage as their services will continue as usual.

If people turn 65 after becoming an NDIS participant, they can either continue to receive disability supports in the NDIS or receive supports through the Commonwealth aged care system.

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