Cert 1

Certificate 1 Graduates

OC Connections, in partnership with Go Work Skills, is extremely proud to congratulate the recent graduates of the Certificate One Training Course in Literacy. A graduation celebration held in December at OC Connections Enterprises, was well received by all who attended.

All 11 participants were brimming with pride at their achievements and expressed how excited they all are to continue to build on their literacy skills as part of their day to day life and as part of their employment plans. Everyone at OC Connections is very proud of the graduates and their families for supporting this new endeavour as we look forward to watching them continue to grow and develop over the next few years.

We would like to thank Go Work Skills for the hard work and passion that enabled this group of OC Connections participants to study and graduate with flying colours.

Congratulations to:

  • George Y.
  • Rowena McK.
  • Shane DLR.
  • Mark R.
  • Lauren B.
  • Siriphong N.
  • George K.
  • Clinton G.
  • Michael P.
  • Stephanie DS and
  • Chris S.


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