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The Book of Mormon Review

An article from the desk of author, Aidan McC.

The Book of Mormon today was just awesome. I saw it at the Princess Theatre with Mum and it was just beautiful. The dancing, the singing, the high notes, and the colorful costumes  were terrific. The high note in the song “Hello” was a great highlight. Two of the best songs in the Show are “You and Me but Mostly Me” and “I Believe”.  These songs were the ones with the big high notes and those songs were just done so well.

Ryan Bondy who played Elder Price was absolutely fantastic. His voice was so good and he was able to do the high notes in both the high note songs. He had a perfect high note voice.  I have just decided to follow him on Twitter and also he is a Canadian who is from Ontario, Canada.

It was just a perfect Show and the music was beautiful.

Written by Aidan McC 

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