Beauty and the beast

Beauty And The Beast Review

An article from the desk of author, Aidan McC.

Audra Mcdonald’s performance in Beauty And The Beast was fantastic/her performance was excellent she was absolutely brilliant/her performance in the finale of it was absolute brilliant and she delivered the high notes so well right at the end of the movie.The whole singing in the movie is absolutely brilliant. That’s the best part of the movie the singing by everyone. Most especially Audra she was fantastic in her role and she really deserves an award for it. (Audra was fantastic as well as the Mother Abbess in The Sound Of Music 2013 TV special).  Audra was just brilliant and she was just as awesome in beauty and the beast as well.I had no idea that Emma Watson could sing. She did a great job as well but the best job of all was Audra Mcdonald, her high notes at the end were just brilliant and it was just beautiful to see.

Audra Mcdonald

Audra stole the show her performance was brilliant. Her performance is excellent/she was just fantastic in her role as Madame Garderobe. I wanted to see the movie because of her and i knew that she would be fantastic and she was. She really stole the movie for mum also and we just loved it. Audra’s performance in the finale at the end was just absolutely brilliant. Her big high notes were very impressive/absolutely impressive.

(Richard Wilkins said that beauty and the beast is now the highest-grossing live action movie musical ever).

Written by Aidan McC 

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