Introducing Aidan McC

OC Connections is proud to introduce Aidan, the author of "Aidan's Entertainment Blog" featuring reviews from the latest films, stage shows, music and theatre productions.

Aidan's interest in entertainment and passion for writing are brought together in these easy-to-read articles that are published on the OC Connections website as they are written. If you enjoy these articles, please leave a comment and share on facebook.

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About Aidan

21-year-old Aidan came to OC Connections after finishing high school at Glenallen School in Glen Waverley.

Twice a week Aidan participates in our Day Support program. His interests lie in the arts, music and swimming and he is passionate about human rights.

While participating in activities at OC Connections, Aidan's goals have been centred around increasing his confidence. He is keen to develop new skills and experiences, constantly challenging himself to achieve. Aidan is an active member of the OC Connections Participant Advisory Group and he is participating in our Certificate I in Transition Education pilot program, which focuses on building his skills and confidence in regards to future employment opportunities.

Since completing his studies, Aidan is keen to discuss longer-term aspirations around independent living and employment.