Accessible Telecoms

Accessible Telecoms

Telecommunication technologies make many aspects of our life easier, but with so many different devices out there, finding the right equipment to meet our specific needs can be overwhelming. Taking this into account, the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has developed the Accessible Telecoms Project, funded by the NDIA.

Accessible Telecoms is a nationwide disability telecommunications service that provides independent, up-to-date information on mainstream and assistive telecommunication products suitable for people with disabilities. This service also provides referrals for training, set-up, on-going support and equipment provision.

This is a free service! And it can be used by anyone, people with disability, their family & carers, service providers and advocates.

Click below to find out about


Click on Devices to access a search engine that allows you to search telecommunication devices based on a variety of accessibility features

Telecom Training Services

Click on Telecom Training Services to search for training about how to use telecommunication devices

National Relay Service

Click on National Relay Service to learn how this facility can assist you in making phone calls

As always all of the information provided by the Accessible Telecoms project is up-to-date, independently verified  and freely available to access across a number of channels including;

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