At OC Connections, we respect a participant’s right to choose, and we don’t take their choice to use our services for granted. We make sure our programs are as impactful and tailored as they can be, facilitated by understanding, curious and experienced people. Every team and team members’ contribution has an impact felt throughout the whole organisation, and throughout a participant’s experiences with us – because everything we do at OC Connections comes back to supporting people living with disability. 

Visions and Values

  • Our purpose

    To optimise life opportunities and choice for people living with disability through leadership, innovation, and co-creation.

  • Our vision for the future

    To make a major positive difference to the lives of people with disability and our community.

    Together with OCC participants, families, staff, volunteers, our community and all stakeholders, we will work to bring our purpose to life, optimising opportunities and choice so people with disability can lead the best possible life they choose.

  • Our Strategic Plan

    Our Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2025 focuses on Leadership, Innovation and Co-Creation. Our strategy is brought to life by 4 pillars that represent the breadth and depth of what we do.  View our strategic plan by clicking here.

we are THE SPECIALISED SUPPORT for an engaged and connected life

OC Connections are the dedicated experts and specialised support staff working with people living with disability to create their own meaningful lives through daily activity, work and community.

Our supports and resources are yours to co-create. If you say no, want something different, more or less – we hear you, we see you. We will show up in your life however feels right for you, with the people and in the places that lift you up.


At OC Connections, we create opportunities and provide expert, empowering support for people living with disability to live the life they choose, within inclusive communities that value who they are. The OC Connections community has been an important part of the lives of our participants, staff, families, volunteers and partners and even more so these last few years, where the pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives. The following video captures and showcase the OC Connections community for all to witness

Our core values

To provide participants with choices they value, we must create meaningful opportunities that bring direction and purpose to their lives and enable individuals to achieve lifelong goals and dreams.


The ability to choose how to live is central to everyday life. People feel valued when given the chance to make choices and decisions about what matters most in their life.


Our inclusive services focus on the person and their individual needs. We create and provide opportunities for people to develop and grow, pursue goals and live as independently as possible.


We respect every person’s right to make choices, and to be heard.  We empower people to live life to the fullest and develop a sense of belonging, which encourages them to be active participants within their community.


We advocate for the disadvantaged, acknowledge a person’s right to live life with dignity and equality and celebrate the joy of diversity.

smiling male participant in pool with support worker

OC Connections has a long and proud history 

OC Connections (OCC) provides important opportunities for people of all abilities to contribute to society and live happy and successful lives on their own terms.

OCC proudly provides Supported Independent Living (SIL), Day Supports, Pathways to Employment, employment opportunities through our social enterprises educational and recreational services and Support Coordination to people living with a disability.

OCC works with each individual participant and their support network to support them to choose how they will live, work and spend their recreation time. Our staff tailor support services to meet each person’s specific needs and aspirations.

OCC aims to unlock each person’s potential through working with them to maximise their choice and control over their lives.