A proud OC Connections moment

It's not every day we get to truly showcase the OCC community and our goal to provide opportunity and choice to those we support. The film Leaving Allen Street is a heartfelt game-changer for those involved in this amazing journey.

Interested? Leaving Allen Street is showing as part of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival running online from 30 June - 15 July.

Leaving Allen Street will be available to watch from 30 June but you can pre-purchase your tickets now. 

How to order your tickets to view the film online

1. Start here to pre-order tickets 

2. Create an account - provide your name and email address

3. Click on pre-order now

4. Enter your credit card details

5. Click pre-order now to pay $8.00 AU (your card will be charged immediately).

Important note:  After the screening becomes available on 30 June at 8:00 am, you'll receive an email reminder and have 7 days to begin watching. Once you click "Watch now", you'll have unlimited access for 24 hours.


Answers to questions you may have about how to watch the film

How do I find my movie once I've pre-ordered by ticket
If you're on another device, check your email inbox for the order confirmation email and click the watch now button. Alternatively, visit the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival website and click on Stream at Eventive. If you’ve already ordered a ticket with your logged in account, you will have the option to watch now from the virtual screening page.

How do I play the movie on my TV?
If you have an Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Firestick or any similar device or smart TV, set your computer or mobile device to “airplay” or “cast” to the TV device. Unlock the program on Eventive Virtual Festival, then set your player window to full-screen using the icon at the lower right. Detailed instructions can be found here.

What are the system requirements
You can watch content on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running macOS 10.12+. You can also watch films on Android tablets and phones using Chrome, and on iPhones and iPads using Safari.  Other options can be found here.

For any further questions regarding movie set up, click on the Need Help page or here.

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