5th Annual SASI Art Exhibition

 Nothing beats the feeling of having your work and your achievements recognised. This feeling was shared and enjoyed by participants of the OC Connections art programme when they were invited to participate in the Statewide Autistic Services’ (SASI) 5th annual art exhibition.

The exhibition is aimed at providing an inclusive platform for people with disabilities to exhibit their art and is held at the Frankston Arts Centre.

“The art show is a great opportunity to showcase the high level of hidden talent in the community.  We’re excited to be part of an event where people with a disability can bring their work into a public forum.” Kath Ferry, SASI’s CEO.

OC Connections participants displayed 18 pieces of art and won a grand total of 5 awards! According to art educator, Val Rowe

Joey Reyes was successful in winning best entry overall.   Peter Kuzmicky and Anna Liacos were also recognised for their outstanding contributions. Anna won the judges award and they were very impressed with her abstract style, commenting that they looked forward to seeing her work in the future.

Opening night was attended by Joey, Peter and Vlada along with Val, friends and family.

Joey was absolutely thrilled when the awards were presented to him and loved having his photo taken beside his artwork. Joey is quite a showman. He can take months to complete one piece and is an absolute perfectionist. When he works he becomes completely entrenched in the project. Joey may draw from life experiences: such as when he completed ‘Eiffel Tower’ and ‘London Bridge’ both well-known tourist destinations that he visited during an overseas holiday. The winning entry was Joey’s impression of the ‘Lady with the Boat’ by Picasso. It was an impressive display at the exhibition, situated under the lights and in direct line of vision with the entrance.

Peter was not able to stay for the awards but was happy to receive congratulations from those around him. Peter entered an acrylic, a watercolour and a mosaic work and sold all three. Peter loves the quirkiness he sees in life and is able to very quickly draw an outline that represents what he is visualising. Peter had some photos taken but is happiest just being there, (particularly with his family).

Vlada sold one of her two pieces entered. She prefers to use watercolour in soft pastel colours and is continually developing confidence in what she is doing. Vlada was proud to be exhibiting amongst her peers at the prestigious exhibition and is inspired to continue to build her skill.

Other artists who entered were Kathleen, Jane, and Mitchell from OC Connections also exhibited at the event. All works were admired by those attending and some artists were successful in selling their works. We’d like to congratulate all who contributed works and thank Val and Ana from the OC Connections team for their support – what an achievement!

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