5 Feet Apart

5 Feet Apart was a beautiful movie. I loved the movie. I saw it in April with one of OC Connections’ staff. The film got mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it.

It was a movie about patients with cystic fibrosis. The film was based on real-life parallels between couple Dalton and Katie Prager’s cystic fibrosis diagnosis and cancer diagnosis in the bestselling novel, The Fault in our Stars.

I thought that the movie was excellent. It was one of the best romantic movies that I have ever seen. The cast included Haley Richardson who was Stella and she did an excellent job. Cole Sprouse was Will and he was great.

It was a love story and had a beautiful ending. It had its happy bits and it’s very sad bits. It was an awesome love story between Stella and Will.

It was an amazing 8 out of 10.


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