In 2016 The Oakleigh Centre changed its name and brand!

What is changed and what didn't?

On 20 October 2016 we officially changed our name, our logo and our brand (including our vision for the future and our values). We will continue to provide opportunities and support people with learning and development at work, at home and on holidays.

What work has been done so far?

We have talked to lots of people who come to the Oakleigh Centre, live here or work here about the name and brand. We have agreed to change the name and brand from Oakleigh Centre to OC Connections with a new logo. We have agreed on a new vision for the future and clearly described our values and what we believe in. With the support of our Brand Champion Committee we have co-designed a strategy for rolling out the new brand across the organisation including brand presentations to various groups including participants and their families, staff and management and OC Connections Members.

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Why are we changing?

We have grown and improved what we do and we want everyone to see that we have changed. The new brand shows that we have changed. We are more than just a centre and we offer support and do a lot of things outside the centre and within the community.

New Brand Launch - 2016 Annual General Meeting

Visions and Values

We enable people to live a life they choose within a society that values individuals for who they are, respects their rights and encourages participation in everyday life.

We advocate for ‘my life, my choice’ and provide rewarding opportunities that support people to achieve this.


To create meaningful outcomes that enables participants to:

• Have a sense of purpose and belonging
• Have opportunities to choose from
• Pursue dreams and aspirations
• Be heard and valued
• Be accepted and included
• Be treated with dignity and respect
• Develop and grow skills and experiences
• Build self-esteem and be happy
• Enjoy a healthy and safe environment
• Be encouraged to contribute

To provide participants with choices they value, we must create meaningful opportunities that bring direction and purpose to their lives and enable individuals to achieve lifelong goals and dreams.

The ability to choose how to live is central to everyday life. People feel valued when given the chance to make choices and decisions about what matters most in their life.

Our inclusive services focus on the person and their individual needs. We create and provide opportunities for people to develop and grow, pursue goals and live as independently as possible.

We respect every person’s right to make choices, and to be heard.  We empower people to live life to the fullest and develop a sense of belonging, which encourages them to be active participants within their community.

We advocate for the disadvantaged, acknowledge a person’s right to live life with dignity and equality and celebrate the joy of diversity.

New Brand Movie

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