The National Disability Insurance Scheme offers a new way of supporting people with a permanent and significant disability. You may be eligible for the scheme if you are under 65 and your disability affects your ability to take part in everyday activities.

How is NDIS different?

With the NDIS, funding is allocated to individuals, not organisations. You will have an individual budget and can choose how, when and where you receive your supports and services, along with who will manage the funding. The scheme is managed across Australia by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

What can NDIS offer me?

NDIS only fund supports related to your disability.

This may include:

  • Daily personal activities
  • Supports to take part in community, social and daily life activities
  • Support to get or keep employment in open or supported employment
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Help with househo9ld tasks
  • Home modifications
  • Mobility equipment
  • Vehicle modifications
Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must be an Australian citizen, younger than 65 years old, need support because of your disability and live in an area where the NDIS has started. For more information, go to the NDIS Access Checklist.

Where can I start?


The NDIS began progressively rolling out across Australia in July 2016. Until the NDIS is available where you live, your existing funded services will continue. Read more about when the NDIS will roll out to all areas throughout Victoria.

Watch these video clips for information on accessing the NDIS and how to start your first plan.

Accessing NDIS

My first Plan

Starting My Plan

If I qualify, what next?

Once the NDIS confirms you are eligible, NDIA representatives will talk to you and if necessary, your family or carer, to help put together a plan specifically suited to your needs. They will talk about what you want to do, supports you now have and what else you may need. Once your plan is approved, you can choose how, when and where you receive your services.

Who manages my funding?

There are several options to manage the funding:

  • You can manage the funding
  • You can nominate someone to manage funding on your behalf
  • Pay a plan manager to manage the funding
  • Have the NDIA manage for you

or a combination of the above

Can I start planning before NDIS is rolled out to where I live?


The earlier you start planning and thinking about what you want, the better prepared you will be. OC Connections runs regular NDIS information sessions throughout the year. Click here to register your interest in attending one of these.

Where can I get more information to plan for NDIS?

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